Pamela is exceptional. Her design sensibility is off the charts - unique, modern, clean and beautiful. She pairs things that I would never have thought of and it looks amazing. She is also an incredible person to work with - smart, quick to understand what we wanted, thoughtful, hardworking and always offering many options. Most importantly, she has an awesome attitude - she is always cheerful, upbeat and fun to work with. She just jumps in and figures it all out with you. We moved into a modern house and while we had some of our furniture, we needed a lot of pieces to make the house feel like a home. Pamela came over, understood our style, took measurements and then put together mood boards for each area. Then, she was fantastic at sourcing dozens of options for us to choose from. She helped us narrow it down and choose the best, most unique piece for each room. She was also excellent at working with our existing pieces to find good spots for them and make them work with the new pieces. Pamela also came up with the plan to place all our existing art. We have over a hundred pieces, spanning photos, sculpture and paintings and Pamela spent hours reviewing images of the pieces and selecting the perfect spots. She did this all without the actual art. When the art showed up, we followed her suggestions and it looks awesome. Pam is a joy to work with. I could not recommend her more highly and keep trying to find excuses to continue working with her.

--S.R. / Hillsborough, CA / March 2019

My husband and I bought our first house last fall, leaving city life for the suburbs. We found ourselves with a much bigger home that needed some remodeling, complete furnishing and a lot of personalization. I was intrigued by Pamela's story of working at Google and then finding her passion in interior design, and her aesthetic really resonated with me. I had never worked with an interior designer or invested heavily in a space, but I really wanted to do this home the right way. I loved Pamela from the first time I spoke with her. She's kind, honest, dedicated, transparent, has great communication, listens closely and is extremely efficient and detail-oriented. Over the past year we have furnished every room of a 3300 sq ft house together and remodeled two bathrooms and a kitchen. I consult her on EVERY decision because she saves me from making mistakes and is often able to guide me towards items that I never would have found and are far more interesting and often more cost-effective than what I would have chosen on my own. You would think that over a year-long project I at some point would feel frustration or disappointment or something negative, but I haven't. She has helped us create a house that suits the reality of our lifestyle with a small child, but that feels warm and beautiful and perfect for us. I would never hire anyone else!

--Tara G. / Los Gatos, CA / November 2018

Pamela is an incredible designer, and the single best of of the many vendors we worked with in 4 years of remodeling our home. I concur with the other reviews that if you want your house to look like Dwell, Elle Decor, Sunset Magazine or other high-end design outlets, and think "but I'm a normal person and no way my house can look like that", hire her. Great ideas, great execution, clear without being pushy, thoughtful, focused - she has it all. No question is too small ("what color towels should I get?", "is this target night-stand OK?") or too big ("i feel like the living room needs flow" or "how can we make this space open but separate if that makes sense?").  

In our case, she not only helped us remodel while we lived there to get to a great space for our family, but provided great staging services to help us get multiple offers and a great price on our house. Pamela also detail-oriented and has tenacious follow-up ethic, owing to her prior career as a project manager for a tech company.  I don't think I have ever not received a timely response from her - for you Silicon Valley types (which face it if you are reading this you probably are), she will go above and beyond your quality expectations.

--C.K. / Sunnyvale, CA / March 2017

My family and I relocated from New York City to San Jose this past summer and I hired Pamela to completely furnish our new, contemporary farmhouse style home.  Coming from a small pre-war house in Queens, we had no suitable furnishings and basically had to start from scratch.  Pamela was a lifesaver!

Our work together began immediately following an initial site visit in February.  Right away I knew that Pamela was the perfect fit for the project.  She earned my trust instantly.  Pamela is the real deal: professional, thoughtful, thorough, and supremely talented.

What I appreciate most about Pamela is her work ethic.  She is very organized and keeps progress moving.  Her design services are fluid and flexible.  She brings you along on a collaborative process that is always on point and really enjoyable.  Pamela is, in a word, accessible.  I never knew how many clients or projects she had going on, because it never mattered to me.  She always provided immediate personal attention for action items small and large.  Our project spanned the length of this year.  Beginning with the idea and design phase conducted long distance, to a full furnishing procurement phase for each room in our home, and finally placement and finishing touches.  Pamela was there every step of the way, bringing the project to life and sustaining its every need.

Pamela has impeccable taste and a keen eye for all things design.  Yet, she is skilled at listening and making things work to your tastes.  What matters to you, matters to her. Pamela gives you options so you can feel ownership over the design.  She gives good guidance, but is not afraid to give you her honest opinion, which for me was extremely valuable.

Always generous with her top-notch sense of style, I have learned a lot from Pamela and I am grateful to be one of her clients.  I am also quite certain that we will work together for the long term, because at this point I don’t want to pick out even a hand towel without her blessing!

Pamela has given our home a top to bottom design that reflects my family’s personality and lifestyle.   Her work, in all respects, is classic and timeless.  I recommend her without reservation!

--Laura G. / San Jose, CA / December 2016

When I started looking for an interior designer on Houzz last year, Urbanism Designs immediately caught my attention. I was impressed with Pamela’s modern style and aesthetic. After our first meeting, I knew that she would be the perfect designer to work with. She listened to my ideas and needs carefully and gave me practical and valuable advice. She never forced her ideas on me and always guided me back to the design direction when I got too carried away. Pamela has great designer eyes and impeccable color sense. She helped me pick out the right pieces and perfect colors for each space through out the house. What I appreciate most is not just her professionalism but her thoughtfulness and sincerity. During our lengthy and somewhat painful remodeling process, Pamela was always there for me when I needed help, sometimes even with the last minute notice. I will continue working with Pamela because she is such a delight to work with and I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking for top quality service and great designer taste.

--Irene C. / Sunnyvale, CA / September 2016

Over the December holidays last year, I looked up Houzz and other websites in search of a designer for my master bedroom make over.  After narrowing down to a few designers, I was so excited to be able to work with Pamela on this project.  I chose Pamela primarily for the following reasons.  I really like her modern and clean style which is what I was looking for.  She is very flexible working with all kinds of budget.  I was not going to spend a lot for my project.  She had fantastic reviews consistently from her clients.  When I finally got to meet her, I was not disappointed.  She is very organized.  She gets back to me within a day, sometimes within the hour!  She arrives punctually all the time to our appointments.  She is always smiley.  We worked literally on the entire project online.  Only an initial visit to take measurements and introduce one another in person.  And a visit when the project was done to take photos and say thank you.  She does not have a designer attitude.  Very pragmatic, not judgmental about types of stores and prices.  She does not push me to finish quickly.  My project took over 5 months because I don’t have time to focus on it all the time as a working mom.  She is willing to help me source a few pieces in my family room and my daughter’s room while we were on the master bedroom project.  She bills me only for every 15 minutes increment of her time and effort.  I cannot say enough of Pamela.  Thumbs up!

--Jan F. / Los Altos, CA / August 2016

We heard about Pamela through some friends of ours who had used her to design their living room. They raved about her and their positivity was totally warranted.

We hired Pamela to design our family room, lounge and to help with ad-hoc design and furniture placement throughout the house. She visited our home for the initial consultation and by the time she had left she had already ‘decluttered’ our home and re-situated furniture so it worked better within the space. We wanted what I though was a ‘mid-century modern’ look but Pamela helped us understand that what we were really after was a more ‘eclectic’ design. She gave us exactly what we had imagined and we could not be happier.

We worked with Pamela mainly through email, as this suited our busy lifestyles. She would source pieces that she thought would work for us and then we would comment on these and she would prepare mood-boards to help us envisage the finished produce. She visited our home twice throughout the design process and was incredibly patient with us as we flip-flopped between ideas. She was always attentive to our requirements, while still putting across her point of view in a very kind, professional manner – even if this contradicted our vision!

We are super happy with the results and always get positive comments from from visitors to our home on our use of the space and our modern, eclectic design. Pamela worked within our budget and sourced pieces that worked with our lifestyle, as we have three small children.

We wholeheartedly recommend Pamela and Urbanism Designs. She will be an asset to any interior design project. In fact, we will be moving abroad shortly and will be using Pamela again to help us design our new home abroad as her flexible email consultation makes this possible in different countries.

--Vivienne F. / Menlo Park, CA / May 2016

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Pamela is AMAZING! My husband and I contacted Urbanism Designs to help us figure out furniture placement for a very tricky downstairs layout–and when I say tricky, I mean it had stumped a few other designers we previously worked with and gave even Pamela a bit of a pause. The other challenge was that we already had existing furniture (and a piano!) and some decor, and we just wanted to bring in some elements to finish and tie all the rooms together and perhaps bring in more of my husband’s aesthetic.

Pamela was definitely up for the challenge. Within one brainstorming session, she was able to come up with a layout that worked beautifully and enhanced the flow from space to space–I finally feel like we have a living room, and I didn’t have to sacrifice my piano! Not only that, her recommendations for a few key furniture pieces and decorations were exactly what we needed to blend my husbands mid-century aesthetic with my love for modern clean-lined glamour. Most impressively, with her help, we were able to make most of our purchases in a couple of weeks.

We’ve since worked with Pam for another small challenging layout that isn’t quite completed yet, but I am confident it will be fantastic once we’re done. No matter how small or large the project, Pam treats each with the same dedication and integrity. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again!

--Christina T. / San Jose, CA / January 2016

I recently worked with Pamela to update my living/dining area. We are currently renting a house, so we weren’t looking to do a big remodel project. Rather, we wanted to work with what we had (and purchase a few new items) to make our living space look more stylish and put together. So the fact that Pamela works by the hour was perfect. We were able to tailor the project exactly to our needs and budget. Pamela was able to complete the entire project in under two weeks, picked out items we loved, and stuck to our budget.

Pamela came by our place for an initial consultation, and was immediately able to get an idea of what needed to be done. One of our problems that we had some furniture that was much too large for our space, so Pamela was able to suggest smaller scale pieces that would work better, and also lighten up the space. After the initial consultation, we communicated with Pamela via e-mail. She created mood boards for us, and gave us several options for our new dining table and chairs, entertainment center, rug, and lamps. I was really impressed that she was able to simultaneously give us lots of choices, and also make everything work together.

We felt that Pamela really understood our style, and didn’t create a cookie cutter space that was exactly like one of her past projects. She really listened to what we were looking for, and saved us a lot of time and stress. Had we not hired Pamela, I’m sure I would still be pinning rugs on Pinterest, not able to commit to making any changes!

--Monica F. / Palo Alto, CA / January 2016

Pamela helped us to design the layout of our kitchen and bath remodel for our Eichler home. She also provided consultation on interior paint colors (there are so many whites!) and helped us to reaffirm finishes throughout the home. This is our first home, and our first remodel, and Pamela helped to put our renovation nerves at ease. She was instrumental in helping us to understand the process and set a realistic plan. It was very seamless and easy to work with her: she is very responsive with quick turn around time on drawings and feedback, has a great sense of how a space should flow, and a good eye for functional modern design. As we only needed design help for parts of our remodel, we really liked that we could hire her for only the amount of advice we needed. We definitely recommend working with Pamela and will seek her advice again on future projects.

--J.H. / Sunnyvale, CA / January 2016

Pamela was amazing! She took the time to fully understand us and our needs. We could not be happier with the result. Our front room looks beautiful and she has really captured the look we wanted.

There were some moments when we thought that we would never find a particular item but she was so patient and diligent in searching for all the different options that we always found the perfect piece for our room.

We have found her to be patient, communicative, creative, incredibly stylish and a lot of fun to work with. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for interior design help!

--Olivia M. / Menlo Park, CA / December 2015

We bought our first home and wanted to spruce it up to look nice and inviting and also cozy for us to stay there. But once we started doing some research, we quickly found that there were so many choices in every small thing! That was the time when we decided that we should seek some professional help in making this our dream home. We looked up Pamela’s work online and decided to give her a try.

She was very quick in responding and even came to our house (which was under some construction) to measure spaces and get an idea of the area. She made us feel very comfortable in every thing we worked on together. She is of great help when you don’t know what to do and of bigger help when you have some idea but no clue how to go about actually implementing your ideas. We wanted a contemporary kind of a look and even though most of her work seemed a little more modern at first, she was more than willing to help us with our project. She suggested online stores, actual shops, places where you can get all varied articles for your home decor, and miraculously, everything she suggested (right down to the bulbs in the pendant lights) felt as if it was made just for you!

We loved working with her for our kitchen and living area remodel. We had some idea of how we wanted it to look, but she helped bring it all together – picking cabinets, making sure it went with the backsplash, the countertop and the wall paint, as well as dining room and living area furniture. Now we have a dream home and love every bit of it, all thanks to Pamela. I would definitely recommend her for any home remodeling you would want to do, be it big or small.

--M. D. / Santa Clara, CA / September 2015

If you are looking for someone efficient, conscientious, responsive, trustworthy and professional (not to mention very talented), I highly recommend Pamela! 10 stars!
We wanted to get new furniture and art for our living room and bedroom, but got overwhelmed with the choices and how time consuming the search can become. I found Pamela on Yelp, sent her an email and set up an appointment. When she came to our house, she accurately measured and examined the rooms. We then went through the process of picking items. Pamela gave me choices of different styles/moods to pick from (all via email). At the end of the day, after the choices were made, everything came together and looks fantastic! I told her what I was looking for and that we were on a pretty tight budget. Within two weeks everything was done and the furniture delivered. The furniture fits perfectly and actually makes our small rooms look larger!

Pamela has a great eye for color, design and placement of furniture. I appreciate her candidness and practical way of thinking. She made some great suggestions and we are 150% satisfied with her services.

Pamela also recommended vendors to us that worked out great! I would use Pamela again for any remodeling or design project (and probably will in the near future). Oh, I forgot to mention how nice Pamela is too! Again, 10 stars! You won’t regret using Urbanism Designs!!!

--Linda D. / Sunnyvale, CA / July 2015

I stumbled across Pamela on houzz. I was instantly attracted to the way she uses color and the clean, modern design of the rooms she has worked her magic on. But could I afford her? I reached out via email and discovered that she is amazingly affordable and she was willing to work on an hourly basis with me. Cool!! I explained that I had a tiny budget for my studio remodel and again, no problem!

We started via email. I shared photos of the pieces I had already purchased and explained how I wanted the space to feel. When we met, Pamela was so efficient and we zipped through designing my work studio in about 1.5 hours. She was respectful of my budget and my taste and was so lovely to work with. We were converting the garage to a studio for my clients and Pamela chose colors, helped decide on layout and came up with two brilliant ideas (among others): 1) hide storage (bikes, storage etc) behind pulldown blinds from IKEA and 2) put down an outdoor rug on the floor instead of a conventional rug…much easier to clean and keep fresh.

With notes from our meeting in hand to make it oh so easy, I went shopping and got exactly what I needed. I was thrilled with the result (and my clients love it too!) and recently brought Pamela back to help me with redesigning my living room and master. Another great experience.

Before I met Pamela I would never have believed that I could afford a designer like her…now I know better. She truly exemplifies “design within reach.”

--Alicia F. / Cupertino, CA / April 2015

Urbanism Designs – beautifying our lives, one room at a time…

After purchasing our home, our living room stood bare for almost 2 years. Faced with too many choices, differing opinions, and fear of commitment (design-wise) our “blank slate” room remained just that, blank and devoid of any character. We were in a design funk and needed professional intervention.

Thankfully, I found Pamela [Urbanism Designs] through Houzz. After reviewing numerous portfolios and online reviews, I was drawn to Urbanism’s story and unique sense of style – there is something organic and unpredictable in her designs. Rooms seemed tailored to the client, each was an individual work of art – no cookie-cutter rooms here. You can clearly see that Pamela has an innate gift for design; pairing colors, textures, patterns, and finishes in unexpected but aesthetically pleasing ways.

Our experience with Urbanism Designs has been a very positive one. On our own, we felt overwhelmed and debilitated by all the choices. With Urbanism, choosing was fun and exciting.

Pamela simplified the process and presented us with her carefully curated choices. She understood our needs, learned our tastes, incorporated our wish-lists, and stayed within our budget. Each suggested piece was carefully chosen with cost (including taxes, shipping, restocking fees), quality, and ease of shipping/exchange/return/installation in mind. Pamela even researched discounts and upcoming sales from multiple suppliers to ensure we got the best price.

Working with Pamela was a harmonious collaboration. During the many times that my husband and I had differing opinions, we would use her as our tie-breaker. She gave us as much creative control as we desired but all within a tasteful framework that she provided. We were able to choose all our favorite pieces/elements and Pamela was able to tie all our [what seemed like random] selections together beautifully.

The result is a room in which we love every single piece of furniture and every thoughtful detail. Pamela has given us a living room that is cozy and inviting while dramatic and elegant. As we had hoped, the room looks collected and unique. Thanks to Urbanism Designs, our living room is finally a reflection of both of our personalities/styles and it has become our favorite room in the house. I look forward to working with Pamela again on beautifying the rest of our home.

-professional and personable
-very responsive to email (sometimes replying immediately)
-helped push the project along while not being pushy
-tactfully and constructively honest
-flexible and harmonious collaboration – creative control within a tastefully provided framework
-tastefully pushes you out of your comfort level (that’s why I hired a professional)
-simple and uncomplicated pricing system

--Judy M. / Sunnyvale, CA / March 2015

We have LOVED working with Pamela! I would give her 10 stars if I could! We were planning a cosmetic remodel of our Brown and Kaufman style home and I knew I needed help with the project. The best decision of the project was hiring Pamela!

We were on a tight budget and Pamela was very respectful of the budget and worked with us to stay within it. She is extremely easy to communicate with. We did a lot of e mail corresponding, meetings at the house and work through an online spreadsheet. I have a toddler so working with her in a variety of ways was so helpful!

We love her style and taste and have had fun designing various rooms in the house with her. She had ideas that we loved and never would have thought of on our own!

She has a network of professional and reliable contractors and vendors that really helped during our project. She was the point person in working with them which gave me more time to work on various other aspects of the remodel.

We highly recommend Pamela! You will love working with her!

--Rebecca M. / Palo Alto, CA / February 2015

We were preparing to open a new restaurant, VONS Chicken, in the area and were feeling overwhelmed with the idea of thinking through the layout and decorating the place.  At the same time, a lot had already been spent on construction and we didn’t want to spend an exorbitant amount on the interior design.

That’s when we found Pamela at Urbanism Design on yelp.  We decided to use her as we wanted to work with a personable individual (vs a corporate company that would charge an arm and a leg) and had a great first impression at our first meeting.  As it was her first time working on a restaurant design and our first time using an interior designer, we felt it was a great fit.  Throughout the entire process, she has been dedicated to the project and very responsive.  It was clear that she felt a great deal of ownership and pride in her work and we greatly appreciated that.  We were able to easily collaborate with her and felt very comfortable in expressing our opinions on her design choices to make it fit what we were looking for.  She was very easy to work with and flexible based on our feedback.

At the end, we were pleased with how the restaurant turned out and received many compliments from our customers, who expressed how much they enjoyed dining in the restaurant’s atmosphere.  The design was clean, bright and simple, exactly what we were looking for.  Now that Pamela has tackled her first restaurant design experience, we hope that she will be able to learn much more through working with others and successfully grow her skills in this industry.  We wish her the best of luck!

--Stephanie H. / Sunnyvale, CA / December 2014

The paradox of choice is true.

We bought a home and I wanted it to look amazing. I started shopping for furniture and décor. Soon enough, I was exhausted and defeated. There were too many choices and I felt completely overwhelmed.

I thought house decorating would be fun and exciting; it turned out to be nothing but stress and more stress. Just looking for a wall paint color was taxing. There were literally hundreds, if not, thousands of colors to choose from.

I was close to suffering from a breakdown and I was ready to succumb to the choice of using boxes as furniture, just like my friend Will’s home. I was done shopping! It’s no longer fun when you go into a store and see about 200 rugs to choose from and not knowing where to start.

Then one faithful day, while browsing through, I saw a picture of Urbanism’s work. I never thought about hiring an interior designer because I thought it was too expensive and needless. However, after trying to do it on my own, I definitely needed help; using a designer seemed more plausible than I once thought.

I did my research based on the designer’s style and price base, Urbanism Designs won on both counts. Her pricing was less complicated than the other designers and her aesthetics were spot on. I decided to shoot her an email and see if there was a way we could work together.

Pam is easy to talk to but completely takes control (in the best way possible) of a design idea. I had an idea and she worked with it. She used her knowledge to find something that she knew I wanted, even though I never knew I wanted it before. She doesn’t just pick items that she wants; it’s a total collaboration where she curates amazing items based from the information she gathered from me. She reads your wants very well and finds the greatest items to choose from.

If it weren’t for her work, my bedroom would have looked too folksy for my tastes. I was trying to work with some of my boyfriend’s pieces but instead of creating a eclectic design, my lack of design knowledge went straight to country-chic even though I was looking for something more modern. I am glad that Pam was there to save me from that design idea, that I once held as ideal, and steered me towards something that was much more modern and bold. I completely love the color scheme of my room and all it’s furnishings. I love how is has a nice balance of masculine and feminine designs. It totally suits our taste.

Also, another bonus about hiring Pam is her furniture placement techniques. I am opinionated and so is she, but she knows how to communicate her ideas without being too pushy. She opened up my mind to new ideas and furniture placement, and I couldn’t be happier. In the end, my living room has an open feel and we were able to create an ample dining space using little room – this was extremely helpful since our condo is very small in space. She was able to maximize the space usage!

Finally, her eye for color is amazing. There were times I was weary of her choices, but when she placed them together, she was extremely correct. For example, who knew dark blue and wine colors go well together? I thought they were too dark to compliment each other, but when you placed them together with golden yellow accent tones, they enriched the feeling of the room. My boyfriend was skeptical about teal and orange working together in the living room. Then she showed us the color palette, and again, it was spot on. She pushes the boundaries in colors to the best result! She blends unique color combinations but it works well together. It is aesthetically pleasing!

In the end, we love our home and everything about it. Everyone compliments my home and they state that it belongs in a magazine. I couldn’t have done it without Pam’s help. Honestly, I would have given up without her – paralyzed by too many choices! With her help, she narrowed down the choices to an amazing small array of choices – perfectly curated based on what I was looking for. Thankfully we made the right decision and hired Urbanism Designs!!!!

--Elsvette B. / San Jose, CA / November 2014

Pamela was helping me furnish our apartment, 1 bedroom with loft and I am very happy both with the process and results.

My husband and I had just moved from abroad and obviously we did not know anything about shops here and so on, not to mention we had a lot on our plates and were generally stressed and tired.

So, Pamela was a life saver. She is very professional, friendly, proactive and super responsive (she returned my emails within minutes!). She understood what I wanted even before I did and very fast it became clear she had great taste, after which I trusted her almost completely, that’s what professionals are for right?

I love my apartment, and the compliments I get about it are almost completely due to Pamela.

--Inessa R. / Sunnyvale, CA / September 2014

Urbanism Designs helped me remodel our living room, pick whole-house paint colors, and has in general advised on design of our 1957 Eichler home. Pamela has a great eye, and everything she touches comes out polished, neat, pleasing and tasteful. She recommended we go for white and offwhite walls as our base, which scared me, but once we did, the difference was amazing and the whole house feels airy and expensive. She is careful about details and aesthetic, but also listened to my practical concerns and adjusted our design as needed. Our room had a layout that was very tricky to work with (windows on 3 sides, doors on 2 sides, and a tv on the fourth) but she found the perfect design, and helped us home in on the perfect sectional couch, that truly makes the room. She also reads up on modern design and trends and was helpful in telling us what we should splurge on, versus what we could save to do when our kids are older.

As to logistics, she’s an impeccable project manager and the most professional house-related vendor I have dealt with in 2 years of remodeling. She responds to emails and texts instantly, and I truly believe that while we were working with her, she had our project top of mind 24 hours a day. Every vendor she has recommended (tile guy, window guy, fireplace guy) was terrific, and things generally just went as planned.

--C.Z. / Sunnyvale, CA / July 2014

Pamela at Urbanism Designs exceeded my expectations. She not only is personable but also organized and persistent. She was able to take my ideas and successfully redesign our formal living room and dining room. The change has been dramatic but I absolutely love it.

Pamela has a lot of great ideas- some out of my comfort zone. But she was able to steer me in the right direction, pushing the envelope a bit. That’s why I hired her- to push me to the next level. One of Pamela’s outstanding skills is her ability to envision how pieces of furniture will look together. To help me understand her vision, she created several storyboards that were so helpful to me. I was impressed with the storyboards and they helped me make more sound decisions.

Pamela has been nothing but an exemplary designer. I love her ideas. She is quick yet thorough and simple yet tasteful. And I am beyond happy with her work!

--Keets D. / San Francisco, CA / May 2014

My wife and I have been working closely with Pamela at Urbanism Designs for our new place in San Francisco. We prefer a modern style but have been slow to decorate as: a) we are just slow, and b) we’ve been hesitant to make big choices that seem so “final” to us. Luckily we found Pamela. She’s visited our place multiple times, listened to our preferences, and then provided us with an overall plan. We love the way she’s (gently) pushed us to select furniture and a style that really “pops” while not being too crazy. We could have gone very conservative and still had a nice place but with Pamela’s help, we’ve made our home a place that is something you’d see in Houzz! ;-) We are really proud and happy with it.

Part of what made working with Pam so great was that her plan was easy to visualize. She has a system of using a shared spreadsheet that breaks each room down and provides web links to furniture she selects that we can view at our convenience. This lets us know what she is thinking, allows us to give immediate feedback, and shows us what she is working on. On that note, we were really worried that working with a designer would mean they would work a ton of hours, select some furniture we might not like, then stick us with a big bill. With this spreadsheet, you can see what she is working on and tell her yes or no, and why. She’ll then adjust the spreadsheet and you can see the results. It’s a really great, fast way to iterate.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that it is really obvious she loves doing this. It shows. I’ve seen her light up when she comes up with a great idea. We’re thrilled that we took a chance in hiring an interior decorator and that we hired her!

--Andrew Y. / San Francisco, CA / December 2013

Photography by  Sydney Brown

Photography by Sydney Brown





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